Coffee Creations: Shelled Iced Mocha

Start your summer right with something smooth, icey, and most importantly tasty! This week’s coffee creation is one of Josh’s favorites. I learned from him that the term “shelled” is referring to the fact that the hazelnut is originally in a shell and is broke down into this delicious flavor. 


• 20 oz cup

• 1 oz of Torani Mocha

• 1 oz of Hazelnut Pink House Alchemy Syrup

• 1 cup of ice

• 1 double shot of espresso 

• 6 oz. of milk

• Whip Cream


1) Pour 1 oz of Torani Mocha sauce and 1 oz of Hazelnut Pink House Alchemy Syrup into a small pitcher

2) Pull your double shot of espresso and immediately pour over your flavorings

3) Pour 6 oz of milk on top of your flavoring’s and double shot

4) Stir until your mixture is completely combined 

5) Add ice to your cup and pour your creation over the ice

6) Stir one last time around and drink up!

P.S. A great topping would be a little whip cream and chocolate drizzle on top!

You can find all of our Pink House Alchemy and Torani flavors at Happy Summer!

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