Is there any caffeine in decaf coffee?

How much caffeine is in a cup of decaf coffee? Read more to find out.

When you hear the word decaf, what comes to mind? Late night alternative or not even worth it?

People have strong opinions on decaf coffee, but what about the question, is it completely caffeine free? The answer is no, there is a small amount of caffeine left in the bean after the decaffeination process. However it is a negligible amount. The decaffeination process roasts out 94-98% of caffeine. Most research says you would need to drink between 5-10 cups to feel the effects.

"I don't have a problem with caffeine, I have a problem without caffeine!" Author Unknown

Drinking Decaf At Night?

Caffeine affects people in different ways. Some can drink an after dinner espresso and sleep easily while others would be restless all night. So for those that are sensitive to caffeine, is it a good idea to drink decaf late into the night? A cup or two of decaf shouldn't affect the average person's sleep. So if you want to cozy up with a late night cup of coffee but don't want to regret it later, Decaf is a great alternative.


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