Sneak Peak to Guillermo’s Fall Menu

We all want s’more of this ➖Tasty G3 espresso with a dash of chocolate layered with milk, graham crackers, and Loblolly Creamery marshmallows.

Specified Ingredients:

•Guillermo’s G3 Espresso

•Loblolly Marshmallows

•Graham Crackers

•Milk (or milk substitutes)

•Torani Chocolate Sauce

•Torani White Chocolate Sauce

•6 oz glass

•Brown Cinnamon Sugar


1. Crush the graham crackers and brown sugar cinnamon together in mixing bowl

2. Drizzle Torani Chocolate in a rounded shape on a paper plate

3. Dip the edges of your 6 oz glass in (step 1) and in (step 2)

4. Pour a quarter ounce of Torani Chocolate and quarter ounce White Chocolate sauce into your 6 oz glass.Pull your G-3 Espresso double shot, top over this delicious sauce and stir.

5. Froth your milk and layer over espresso and sauce.

6. Break one graham cracker in half and top with Loblolly Creamery marshmallows

7. Drizzle a little chocolate on top and you’ll have yourself a Guillermo’s Smortado!

You can find several of these ingredients locally at Guillermo’s store or online! #GsFallMenu

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