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Variety of Coffee Beans

One of the things that sets Guillermo's apart from most coffee shops is our extensive coffee selection. We are a local coffee roaster in Little Rock, Arkansas since 2008. If you’re looking for a variety of the best coffee beans Guillermo’s has you covered. Below are our ten origin beans and eight blends. 

Origin Beans:

1. Costa Rica (Light Roast)

2. Malabar (Light Roast)

3. Yirgacheffe (Light Roast)

4. Brazil (Light/Medium Roast)

5. Honduras (Light/Medium Roast)

6. Guatemala (Medium Roast)

7. Colombian (Medium/Dark Roast)

8. Kenya (Dark Roast)

9. Sumatra (Dark Roast)

10. Rotating Origin Bean (TBA)

Guillermo’s Blends:

1. Calazada (Light Roast)

2. Breakfast Blend (Light/Medium Roast)

3. G3 Espresso (Light/Medium Roast)

4. Charity Blend (Medium Roast)

5. Mocha Java (Medium Roast)

6. House Blend (Medium/Dark Roast)

7. Italian Stallion (Dark Roast)

8. Velvet Hammer (Dark Roast)

We are always creating new blends and will have a special rotating origin bean in the weeks to come. Subscribe to our e-mail list below to learn everything you need to know about Guillermo’s Coffee!